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1. Saw frame

Is it possible to separate the saw frame at a later date?

It is not possible to separate the saw frame horizontally or vertically at a later date. With the exception of the COMPACT model, all machines can be ordered with horizontally-divided saw frame.

2. Strip and pack cuts

Can strip cuts be performed automatically?

With the CONTROL including EPS.Y the strip dimensions are entered via the keypad. For several identical strips it suffices to only press the repeat button at a time. On the 4D sawing centre with panel lowering device PAV strips are cut on the bottom support rollers. The applicable standard does not allow a fully automatic sequence.

Can pack cuts also be performed?

Yes, simultaneous cutting of several panels of the same size is possible, up to a maximum cutting thickness of 60 mm resp. 80 mm.

3. Use of diamond saw blades

Can diamond saw blades be used on STRIEBIG panel saws?

We recommend the use of diamond saw blades on all machines equipped with a scoring saw unit.

What are the advantages of diamond saw blades?

The service life is extended by a factor of x-times. The higher procurement costs are quickly recouped through lower sharpening and conversion costs.


Can the EVOLUTION or CONTROL models operate without compressed air in case of need?

No, this is not possible for functional reasons.

Can accessories such as the scoring saw unit and the grooving accessory be retrofitted on the EVOLUTION and CONTROL models?

No, these accessories require pneumatic, electrical and mechanical systems and the relevant software. Machines from year of manufacture 2008 are provided with a preparation for VSA, these models can therefore be retrofitted with a scoring saw unit.

The grooving accessory cannot be retrofitted, as for this accessory the required adjustment of the saw casing would be too complex.

Does the panel end sensor work with all materials?

The panel end sensor is controlled via the extraction hood and works with all materials. This function is not guaranteed with material thicknesses less than 4 mm.

5. Grooving

Can the automatic mode also be used to cut grooves?

Yes, if the CONTROL model is equipped with the grooving accessory.However, retrofitting is not possible

6. Cut optimisation programme

Is there a cut optimisation programme available on Striebig panel saws?

Cut optimisation is possible on the Striebig 4D sawing centre with the appropriate equipment.

With the CONTROL/EVOLUTION 09 models, data import of externally created cutting lists via USB interface is possible since autumn 2009. The STRIEBIG Parser conversion programme is included in the scope of delivery. Connection to the parser must be established by the supplier of the optimisation programme.

7. Location in the workshop

What are the requirements in terms of the assembly location?

Solid floor conditions are important. The ideal floor surface is concrete. The foundation should be horizontal, level and low-vibration. Free-standing assembly is possible through the use of free-standing supports supplied by the factory. Again, proper floor conditions are important for anchoring the machine. Space-saving wall assembly requires continuous, load-bearing brickwork or a wood and metal construction for attachment of the wall supports supplied. Intrinsically, vertical panel saws require very little floor space. For feeding and working at the machine, however, a minimum floor space should be considered. Proper operation can only be guaranteed at an ambient temperature of min. +5 °C/max. +40 °C and relative humidity of 15-95 % without condensation.

8. Dust extraction / Dust testing

Is retrofitting possible in order to comply with dust testing in accordance with BGHM (German Social Accident Insurance Institution for the woodworking and metalworking industries)?

Striebig panel saws which are not dust tested cannot be retrofitted to comply with the TRK emission values (TRK = technical target concentration) required by the German Social Accident Insurance Institution for the woodworking and metalworking industries (BGHM).

Can the external extraction system also be connected on the left side of the machine?

Yes, the machine's extraction system can be converted on site.

Can the external extraction system of the COMPACT also be connected on the right side?

From year of manufacture 2011, the Compact 11 model is equipped with an energy chain into which the hose of the saw unit’s extraction system is integrated. This can either be connected on the right or on the left side. With connection at the bottom right, it must be integrated on-site.

9. 4D sawing centre

What are the criteria for selecting a STRIEBIG 4D?

Connection to a cut optimisation and 1-person operation ensure excellent levels of efficiency and top material utilization. Intelligent cut optimisation and PAV, PPS, ASP and POP equipment ensure automated processes.

Materials with a maximum cutting thickness of 130 mm can be comfortably processed on the bottom support rollers using the strip cut function fitted with the increased cutting depth options EST.105 and EST.130.

Is it possible to perform manual cuts on the 4D sawing centre?

It is possible to perform manual cuts, however, this should not be the main field of application.

Is retrofitting of one of the PAV, PPS, POP or ASP accessories possible?

No, these accessories require adjustments of mechanical system, control system and software.

10. Accessories

Automatic bottom trimming 4SB

Can this function be retrofitted?

No, the mechanical and pneumatic systems are very complex and require installation during the machine’s manufacture.

Is the trimmed section adjustable?

No, the geometry of the pneumatic cylinders is not adjustable and the cutting dimension of the trimmed section is thus fixed.

Is the vacuum pump supplied with the 4SB (automatic bottom trimming) option?

Yes, it is included in the scope of delivery of the 4SB option.

Can MDF, plasterboard, plastic and aluminium also be processed using the 4SB?

In principle, yes – however, it depends on factors such as weight (max. 300 kg), panel thickness, texture and cleanliness of the panel surface. In case of uncertainty, tests should be carried out.

From what panel thickness and panel length can the 4SB option be used?

From a panel thickness of approx. 15 mm and a minimum panel length of 1.80 m


Can the scoring saw unit VSA be retrofitted on all machines?

The scoring saw unit can be retrofitted on the AUTOMAT III, AUTOMAT III TRK, STANDARD III, STANDARD III TRK and COMPACT models. CONTROL and EVOLUTION models from year of manufacture 2008 are provided with a preparation for VSA and retrofitting is possible.


Can the angle cutting unit WSG be mounted on all Striebig panel saws?

The angle cutting unit can be mounted on all models from year of manufacture 1968.

10. Processable materials

Can plasterboard panels be cut on a Striebig panel saw?

Cutting plasterboard is possible. Dust formation is reduced through the use of a two-speed motor. Owing to the high level of respirable dust formation, we recommend the use of a TRK model. The following points should also be taken into account:

  • The maintenance intervals for the panel saw must be shortened when plasterboard is cut.
  • Several extraction systems should be available in order to separate the plaster dust from the wood dust.

Is it possible to cut plastics on a Striebig panel saw?

In general, plastics can be cut on our machines. The structure and composition of the plastics can vary considerably. In order to achieve optimum cutting performance, cutting tests should be performed beforehand.

11. Investing in a new STRIEBIG

Why should an old Striebig panel saw be replaced and what are the advantages?

Striebig has made great efforts in further developing the saw frame, saw beam, saw unit as well as operation and safety of the machine. This results in greater precision, improved cutting quality and increased service life of the saw blades as well as more convenient operation.

The dust extraction has also been steadily improved over the years. Today, values considerably below 1 mg/m³ are achieved.

All Striebig panel saws permit sizing cuts (= cut edges ready for gluing). Additional finishing steps are thus not required.

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