Quantum leap in terms of technology

Expand the dimension of space and time

Take advantage of expert consultation services from our market partners to configure your own perfectly customised STRIEBIG 4D.
Together, we will design a more efficient production workflow. On request, we will build your 4D with custom dimensions.

PAV – Panel lowering device

It ensures secure grip and automatically controlled vertical transport of the workpiece by the 4D.

PPS – Programmable panel feeder

Ensures secure horizontal transport of the workpiece through the 4D and positions it with an accuracy of 1/10 mm.

ASP - Automatic saw beam positioning

Moves the saw beam independently into the right position.


Simply key in the position for the vertical cut. Done.

Paper holder

All work documents are kept available right beside the touchscreen panel.

VSA – Scoring saw unit

Saves time, money and tools. Even greater cutting quality for coated panels.

POP - Panel optimisation programme

Facilitates the automatic cutting sequence, optimum sawing procedure and the best possible material utilisation.

Larger cutting depth

Optional: EST105 = 105 mm cutting depth
or EST130 = 130 mm cutting depth.

Grooving and routing

Grooving and routing of wood materials and composite panels on the 4D is easy with the appropriate additional equipment.

Accessories marked with an asterisk cannot be retrofitted and must be selected when placing the order.

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The Striebig 4D's multitude of functions – see for yourself in this video


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Simple and individual – configure your very own STRIEBIG 4D


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